Photo・Essay Michio Hoshino × Narration Hiroshi Isobe

Once in a lifetime,
the mind-blowing adventure of imagination.

Your imaginary adventure starts here...
the one of a kind multimedia stage that awed Tokyo audiences is now coming to Geneva.

"Majestic Nature of Alaska" is an homage to photographer Michio Hoshino, who dedicated his life to capturing the beauty and nature of this state.
His photographic works and selected essays are narrated by one of the most famous Japanese documentary narrators: Hiroshi Isobe.
The narration is paired with the unforgettable and original music of Masaru Nakajima. Through visual projections, award winning narration and music; put yourself through a journey into Alaska's enduring majestic nature.

Date: November 21st, 2017 (Tuesday) Door Opens at 07:30 PM Showtime: 08:00 PM
Theater: Cité Bleue Geneva (Theater locates next to the university and the restaurant)
Ticket: Free (Reservation required)
Seats: (First come first served)
Reserving your tickets: Please reserve your seats by filing this form
※If you need a special assistance, please contact us in advance.
※If you would like to cancel or make a change to your reservation, please contact us.
Running Time: 80 minutes
Subtitle: French *French subtitles are summary of the essays which are used in the show

Consulate of Japan in Geneva“Japanese autumn culture 2017”participant
Japanese autumn culture 2017

Produced/Organized/Directed by:Hiroshi Isobe
Composed by: Masaru Nakajima
Native American flute: Kazume Nakajima
Visual effect: mentwa / Maki Udagawa
Photography of Alaskan night sky full of stars: Norio Matsumoto
French translation by: Nozomi Kato Jerome Deviller
Organized by: Alaska special project of Japan(ASPJ)
Supported by: HoshinoMichioOffice Airplane label
Special thanks: Japan Club of Geneva (JCG)


Michio Hoshino’s photographic masterpieces and the philosophical words were born while he was in the middle of Alaskan wilderness alone for years to chase its wild animals to capture them in the photography. His legendary works will be introduced with music by Masaru Nakajima, narrated by Hiroshi Isobe and take the audiences away to the world of “Majestic nature of Alaska.”

The story is based on the Michio Hoshino’s personal experiences with the Alaskan wild animals. After spending years in the wilderness, Hoshino finally discovered “The story of ancient wilderness”, which stands still and remains unchanged in the middle of Alaskan wilderness for millions of years.

The polar bear, wolves, whales, caribou (reindeer)

Hoshino’s words also remind us to take a moment and look back to the basics and ask ourselves “what is really important for each of us as a member of this world”, the most basic yet the most important idea that we have forgotten in this busy modern society.

The soundscape that brings you into the state of pure imagination that trembles your soul. This is “Majestic nature of Alaska”

Comments from the audiences (The comments are left by the audiences from 2016’s show)

☆“The Best 80 minutes adventure of my life.”

☆“Narration was brilliant, Hoshino’s essay and his words came into my heart
Even without a video, I was surrounded by the majestic wilderness and its atmosphere of Alaskan land, ocean, and the great caribou migration...”

☆“It was a still photo but I felt like I was watching a movie. Brilliant!”
“Beautiful photos and soothing music harmonized with narration in an amazing way.”

☆“Reminded me of something that I’ve forgotten in this busy modern society.
Time, what is really important to me, connections and relationships with others, this show made me reconsider what is really important in my life and the meaning of true value.”

☆“Full of energy which is pure yet extremely powerful.”
“I cried throughout the show. The show made me feel that I want to leave everything behind and go for an adventure.”
“Lit up my desire of seeking my life time passion.”

☆“The show reminded me of Hoshino’s energy can still move us this much.
A limited time that I have left on this planet, what would I value and what would I feel to live on.
It became an unforgettable day of my life. Thank you.”

* The words used in English subtitle are not Michio Hoshino’s exact words but the summarized version of his words.