Composer, Masaru Nakajima

During his high-school days, Masaru was engaged in playing the keyboards and the side-guitar as a member of the backup band of Raina Burton who visited Japan for the Musical “the Rocky Horror Picture Show”. He majored in musical composition at the Faculty of Music, Nihon University College of Art. He also became a disciple of Joji Yuasa, Japanese composer of contemporary classical music,to learn modern music.

In 1985, he established the company Sound Design CUBIC after building on his experience with sound technology at Tokyo Sound Production, covering music selection effect of television programmes as well as music composition for movies, commercials and television programmes. At present, Masaru runs music activities related to videography from his studio in Suginami, Tokyo.

He has long explored a synergy between diversified folk instruments and computer music, producing a variety of pieces. His music brings sophisticated sound into line with the world of primitive sound, inviting listeners to the travelling world of relaxation and peace.