Narrator, Hiroshi Isobe

Hiroshi Isobe is one of the top Japanese documentary films narrators.

His style of delivering the emotionality with his narration is well recognized among the industry. Nature, sports, human, music, arts, and more, he has narrated many different genres of works throughout his career. His works are appreciated by diverse audiences from matured audiences to up-tempo children.

He has narrated for Japanese emperor and the royal family.

His one of the major recognized works for the royal family is emperor's 20th-anniversary ceremony of ascending the throne, which went on for 10 days at the royal palace.

He narrated at the one of the main stage of the ceremony in the royal palace.

He also has narrated for multiple Japanese Disneyland attractions. His narration has been entertaining millions of children at“the happiest place on earth”. He also has been the main narrator for Japanese Disney channel for more than 14 years.

The “Alaska” is organized, produced, and directed by Hiroshi Isobe.

His gentle yet powerful narration visualizes Alaskan sceneries and its wild animals on the stage as if they were right on the stage.